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Love My HumanLove My Human
Hiding Under The HatHiding Under The
I See Something ShineyI See Something
Hey You ThereHey You There
Sleeping In ComfortablySleeping In
This Is A Good DreamThis Is A Good
Just Me Being All CuteJust Me Being All
Whoooaaaa What You SayWhoooaaaa What You
Hiding In The JarHiding In The Jar
Busket Full Of KittensBusket Full Of
Kittens Kittens EverywhereKittens Kittens
Asleep Like ThisAsleep Like This
I Hsa A TieI Hsa A Tie
I Has A SlinkyI Has A Slinky
All StretchedAll Stretched
Warm BootsWarm Boots
Rawrr NommmRawrr Nommm
Kitten BoxesKitten Boxes
Tiny Little GuyTiny Little Guy
So PeacefulSo Peaceful
Me And The BirdyMe And The Birdy

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