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Sock KittenSock Kitten
Learning To EatLearning To Eat
Such Cute KittensSuch Cute Kittens
White Fluffy KittenWhite Fluffy Kitten
Having A Nice DreamHaving A Nice Dream
Found Our BedFound Our Bed
Cute Little KittenCute Little Kitten
The Kitten PileThe Kitten Pile
Mom Wake UpMom Wake Up
Full Of FoodFull Of Food
Cuddling UpCuddling Up
All So Bundled UpAll So Bundled Up
How You Get In ThereHow You Get In
Tea CupTea Cup
I Will Protect YouI Will Protect You
What Is In HereWhat Is In Here
Tucked Into BedTucked Into Bed
Climbing MomClimbing Mom
You Will Protect Me RightYou Will Protect Me
Climbed It HighClimbed It High
My BrotherMy Brother
I Am Super SleepyI Am Super Sleepy
I Can FlyI Can Fly